Building Commissioning: Top 2 Reasons You Should Commission Your Next Construction Project

What do you do when you want to provide quality assurance during design and construction to help ensure long-term economic performance of new buildings and their energy systems?

You turn to Building Commissioning, a process used in new construction projects here in Southern California. Commissioning is an extremely beneficial tool used to ensure that the Owner’s intent for a building is being met and that the energy systems are operating as designed upon completion and occupancy.

Building Commissioning begins in the design stage of a new construction project and continues into the construction phase. In many cases, Building Commissioning can also carry over into post-occupancy on certain projects. Below are the top 2 reasons why you should Commission your next construction project:

  1. 1. Reduces Operating Costs

    Commissioning has been proven to reduce the cost of operations by 8-20% compared to buildings that have not been commissioned. A system that is performing as designed will not only meet expected energy goals, but will likely have less problems over the long run.

  2. 2. Minimize Future Risk

    During the construction stage of a project, Cx Agents will verify that the specified equipment has been installed properly and are meeting manufacturers’ guidelines as well as current code requirements. At this stage, any potential problems due to installation can be identified and resolved. These types of problems are much more easily solved early in the construction process and will also reduce the chances of performance problems at start up and functional testing. This will also help to minimize the possibility of costly change orders later in the construction process.

  3. Our Cx Agents test the systems to simulate realistic working conditions to assure there are no performance issues. If there are issues, we are able to help the contractors troubleshoot and solve the problem prior to occupancy.

Unresolved and undetected performance problems can take months to solve after construction has ended and can manifest into larger and more costly issues. Implementing the correct commissioning measures is critical to significantly diminishing these potential problems.

Axiom Commissioning Group is dedicated to providing thorough and precise commissioning services as well as becoming your trusted advisor in the process. The benefits of comprehensive building commissioning are realized over the life of a building which are reflected in the performance of the building’s energy systems and in the comfort of its occupants.

Contact our commissioning specialists today to discover how we can help you with your Building and LEED Commissioning needs.

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